Living Room Recordings

by Spaceface

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released December 19, 2012



all rights reserved


Spaceface Memphis, Tennessee

Psychedelic Rock band based out of Memphis, TN.


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Track Name: Taking It Off
He doesn't want the run around
Just a bit of solid ground

He needs to come away from her
Back to simple plains of Earth
He knows

You think she'll make you thirst?
Like when she's taking it off
She's Taking off her shirt. . .
You think she'll make you thirst?

And now he's trying to erase
The quiet steps he takes,
They crush and shake

The unfamiliar shifting sound
Her roaring echoes soft but loud,
Her crown.
Track Name: Timeshare
I don't have the dreams I keep hearing about
I can't pretend that I don't try. But I want to stop pretending
We were so content with passing by

And how could I think that it's one or the other?
When it's been so clear from the start -
To live in this world without You,
I'd have only half a heart

Because it's in my veins
Not to be the same :
blank and
erased and
tied into knots. . .
Turning into chalk and all the blackboard stains
I'd really rather not

Oh no, here I go
Drifting in and out and through the back
"To Escape," she says, "Jump In"
I'm running from my feet as if I ever had a chance
Track Name: Moonblood
It seems to linger here
And now it fails to disappear
We need to understand
It’s not a part of being a man
We suppress it…redirect it
She takes pills to find control, to stop the flow
of moonblood

To wish is soft, a subtle drop
A delicate part to start and stop
For a partial time of disrepair
To Suppress it, Redirect it!
She takes pills

She has lost control